Advertising Agency SMOY,
Helsinki Finland.

Established 1980.


We are a creative advertising agency with the emphasis on customer-oriented approach in planning and implementation of the goal oriented marketing communications. Our philosophy is to act as a reliable partner, assisting customers in reaching their target audience and delivering the marketing message. We are focused on insightful concepts, brand building design and providing accurate production. At Smoy, the core of planning marketing communications is in the sales, loyalty and measurability.

We offer planning and implementation of marketing communications:

  • Brand strategies
  • Digital campaigns and web pages
  • Graphic design
  • Retail marketing
  • Advertising concepts
  • Advertising production
  • Social media

We are also specialized in:

Customer relationship marketing

  • Loyalty development
  • Digital customer concepts
  • Social media content production

Translation services

  • Directly to your layout or web page
  • Text styling and copywriting
  • Multiple languages e.g. Swedish, German, English and Russian

Photo shoots

  • Model and product photography
  • Own studio

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/// CONTACT ///

Please do not hesitate to call, mail or visit us. Our email addresses are in format:

Maria Blomberg,
040 732 2902

Katja Himanen,
Project Manager,
044 976 2876