Who are we?

We are a creative advertising agency with the emphasis on customer-oriented approach in planning and implementation of the goal oriented marketing communications.

What do we do?

We are focused on insightful concepts, brand building design and providing accurate production.

How are we going to do it?

Our philosophy is to act as a reliable partner, assisting customers in reaching their target audience and delivering the marketing message. At Smoy, the core of planning marketing communications is in the sales, loyalty and measurability.

”Pleasant and genuine atmosphere.”

”Continuous dialogue which boldly challenges all participants.”

”Enthusiastic and skilled crew.”

”Flexible and precise work.”


Our comprehensive marketing & advertising services include outstanding customer care that is not dependent on the size of your marketing budget.


We feel privileged to be able to serve customers across a broad range of industries – it allows us to address the needs of different interesting target groups.


Benefit from our diverse knowledge and expertise in marketing communications. Let’s set up a kickoff meeting right away!

Maria Blomberg

CEO, Owner

040 732 2902

Teemu Eskola


0400 759 676

Kimmo Levonen

Account Director & Photographer, Partner

044 538 6636

Taika Guttorm

Account Director

050 585 1234

Hanna-Riikka Salminen

AD, Digital Marketing Specialist

044 720 2103

Jenny Paatero

Graphic Designer

044 720 2103

Birgit Harinen

Graphic Designer, Photographer & Video Editor

044 720 2104

Marikki Vasantola

Junior Graphic Designer

044 720 2103

Mari Erämaa


044 720 2105

Silvia Karkonen

Content Producer, Digital Marketing Specialist

040 837 7166

Dani Raatikainen

Web Developer

Satu Suomi

Web Developer

Nanna Rustollkarhu

Translator, Account Manager (GER, SWE)

041 501 5403

Anniina Merilinna

Translator (GER)

Contact us.

Give us a call, send us an email, pop in for a visit, or request an offer by filling out the form below. Our email addresses are of the following format: firstname.lastname(at)smoy.com.

Maria Blomberg


+358 40 732 2902

Kimmo Levonen

Account Director

+358 44 538 6636