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Digital expertise

Smoy is a creative and agile digital advertising agency. We create measurable 360 marketing. We offer our modern vision, up-beat service and most of all: Results.

Surprising challenger

In this ever-changing world of ours we try new things, search for fresh solutions and keep on evolving. We challenge ourselves as well as our customers to always strive for better solutions and greater results.

Agency with experience

Smoy has gone a long way from a pioneer of direct marketing to a modern digital expert. We have created measurable and innately multi-channel sales development from the year 1980.


Our comprehensive marketing & advertising services include brand design, Google advertising, inbound- and outbound campaigns, 3rd sector marketing and graphic design.


We are proud to serve customers across a broad range of industries and to reach a wide array of interesting target groups.


Benefit from our diverse knowledge and expertise in marketing communications. Let’s set up a kickoff meeting right away!

Maria Blomberg

CEO, Owner

040 732 2902

Kimmo Levonen

Account Director & Photographer, Partner

044 538 6636

Jaana Åberg

Account Director

050 310 0700

Teemu Eskola


0400 759 676

Joni Karsikko


050 3000 345

Heini Ruuskanen

Graphic Designer

050 491 8717

Marikki Vasantola

Junior Graphic Designer

044 720 2103

Mari Erämaa


044 720 2105

Maria Hietajärvi

Digital Marketing Specialist

044 335 5776

Dani Raatikainen

Web Developer

Kitty von Schantz

Graphic Designer -trainee

044 720 2105

Nanna Rusthollkarhu

Translator, Account Manager (GER, SWE)

041 501 5403

Anniina Merilinna

Translator (GER)

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Maria Blomberg


+358 40 732 2902

Kimmo Levonen

Account Director

+358 44 538 6636

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